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Aruba S.p.A. is an Italian company mainly active in the web hosting and domain registration businesses. It is the market leader in Italy, and also has a large market share in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Aruba Cloud Computing has awful customer service and response can take up to 65 hours when the system fails, Waaday Khan shared a review at

"I am using ARUBA CLOUD since 2017 as a VPS customer and I found that if I got the problem then there will be no one who can provide you customer care. there is always a lack of interest for the existing customers as I have an issue that the dashboard of VPS is not showing server for 100 hours and nobody resolves this and I am trying to upgrade the service from centos7 to centos8 and my managed server is not able to restart or even set to be off. Reporting this problem I got the first response after 60-65 hours and then after this, I am waiting to get any other response about my problem."


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Rsoares says

"Their servers are being used by hackers to do brute force attacks, contacted support to report the situation, they dont give a fudge, support answer was "are you going to buy something". If this is how they deal with such simple situation, imagine if you really need support.."

Arjan says

"I had this VPS as a cheap remote server, not for my hosting websites. In the beginning it was like €1.21/month, so I didn't expect much. Support is horrible. If I've problems with the VPS access, I can't reach the VPS with console login. Sometimes it works like 20 sec, after that I need to try again and again and again... Support says it just works (from Italy :-)). I tried it over the years a few times with other support guys, but no luck. I tried really everything to access via VPN to Italy etc. No luck, looks like some timeout is coming in somewhere. Also the invoices are a problem, never received one :-). The Cloud control panel is not user friendly, way to much steps to enter your VPS settings. My webservers are running at RamNode and that's really professional, stable, fast, quick and good support. I was accepting al this for the very low price, now they are raising the prices for me and will close this chapter with ArubaCloud."

Bonnie20402 says

"Suspended for no reason. As simple as that."

Aneko Hoshi says

"They suspended my services and didn't tell me anything about why and they don't give me the backup. They blocked my login on the website and I can't reach them. Not recommended no trustworthy" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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